Bites - Animal, insect and human

This is one of the unique application areas of Cerdak, as there are no other specific products marketed in this area. Due to the considerable capillary suction power of Cerdak wound dressing, it seems to work well in limiting the effect of venom. We have experience with use in spider bites, snake bites and animal (including human) bites. 


  • Animal bites require thorough cleansing of the wounds to remove saliva before applying Cerdak wound dressing. Antibiotics and painkillers need to be used at the start of treatment. Cerdak wound dressings are to be used according to normal surgical principles as mentioned above and the sooner the dressings are applied the better. 
  • Spider venom is well known to show a delayed effect, creating wounds with very large areas of tissue death (necrosis) often with devastating effects. Cerdak wound dressings are able to reduce the extent of the damage. It is important not to try and use ONLY the Cerdak wound dressing, but to make use of the normal other treatment, especially high doses of cortisone and if necessary, antibiotics. The same principles will apply to the bites of snakes and other venomous insects and fish. Venomous insect bites must be cooled down to slow down local circulation in the injured part and to inhibit the body's reaction to the venom. This limits the damage. When using Cerdak on an old spider bite (e.g. Violin Spider) where the venom has caused necrosis, it is important to realise that part of the healing process will be the natural removal of necrotic (dead) tissue and Cerdak will most probably have exactly this effect. After initial treatment the wound will look bigger rather than smaller. Surgical debridement and antibiotics will probably be necessary before commencing with Cerdak. 
  • Marine venomous bites: The affected body part should be placed in water as warm as the patient can tolerate. Marine venoms evolved in temperatures below 25 C° and heat denatures the protein of the venom very quickly, thus limiting tissue damage and relieving pain almost immediately. Dead tissue must be removed surgically before commencing with Cerdak treatment. 

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