Pressure ulcers

Cerdak ceramic wound dressing improves the healing process of stage 2 - 4 pressure ulcers by:

  • Constant wound cleansing
  • Control of exudate
  • Quality granulation tissue
  • Odour control



  • Devitalised tissue must be removed surgically before commencing with Cerdak treatment.
  • Cavities in pressure sores must be lined and packed with Cerdak to ensure proper contact with the wound.
  • Deep cavities should be redressed fairly often and irrigated with saline between dressings if thick pus is present.
  • Minimum pressure should be placed on the wound until it has healed. Removing direct pressure from the wound area is essential for more rapid healing. 

Do not stop treatment with Cerdak until the wound has healed completely. Cerdak can safely be used to treat the wounds of patients with cancer, but will not heal or cure malignant or pre-malignant wounds. The smell of these wounds is successfully treated by Cerdak. Cerdak will give positive results when applied to the wounds of patients who are HIV positive or who are suffering from AIDS, irrespective of the general status of the immune system. Naturally it is recommended that these patients should be treated with the appropriate anti-microbial and anti-viral drugs. 

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