More about Cerdak ceramic wound dressing...

The manufacture of a Proudly South African product, Cerdak, brings a new dimension in wound healing.  The use of ceramic granules for treating a wide variety of acute and chronic wounds has taken the world by storm. Not only does the intricate design of the micro-porous ceramic set the healing process in motion, but it maintains its continuous action to ensure steady, natural, high quality wound healing. Safe, user-friendly Cerdak dressings bring relief to numerous patients battling with all kinds of acute and chronic wounds.

The dressing

The standard Cerdak wound dressing consists of a sachet, about the size of a teabag, filled with ceramic granules and sealed in a sterile pouch.  The sachet is placed on a wound, secured and replaced before fully saturated. Cerdak dressings are available in many more shapes and sizes and are applied with ease.

The action

The ceramic absorbs excess wound moisture in such a way that an ideal environment for natural wound healing is created. No chemical action takes place, therefore no allergic reaction can be caused. Wound bed preparation is essential for fast, effective healing. 

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Unique function of the ceramic 

• Removal of colony forming bacteria present in the wound moisture
• Removal of broken down products that can retard healing
• Cyclic absorptive action, ensuring the presence of fresh healing  elements
• Control of exudate, leading to a controlled inflammatory response
• Bacterial and moisture balance on the wound bed